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Whether you get friends or family together for group sessions, there group readings are a way to get individual messages while in a supportive group setting. Private readings can go much deeper. However, group readings allow for group harmonization and to get messages also by listening in to what messages are coming in from ‘Spirit’ for others in the group. It is also a way to support one another if and when emotions arise. Kim allows questions during these sessions, so its always good to prepare questions before hand like in individual readings. Also, as there can be a larger number of spirits that come in these sessions, Kim allows them to come in their natural flow and uses different avenues to allow them to be able to communicate with the group. As an example, spirits often speak direct. However, some may be a bit more shy in a group setting so Kim may use Angel Cards or Animal Cards as means of symbolism to give the spirits a means of communication. She goes through signs and symbols that the spirits often communicate with, as well as other helpful techniques for clients to feel a sense of connection with the spirits, long after the group session.






Na družinskem readingu je lahko od 5 do 8 oseb in traja 2 ure.

Družinski reading je v angleškem jeziku in je lahko sprotno prevajanje (cena 8€/osebo).



Uporabite lahko tudi video klic ( Skype, Facebook ).

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