House Clearing

From cleansing lower energy vibrations and crossing over spirits, to blessing, balancing and harmonizing your house, Kim does it all. Making a house, YOUR HOME is one of the most important things we can do. Our home is meant to be our sanctuary.


- Clear Old Negative Energy

- Learn to smudge and clear your home

- Learn about energy portals in your home

- Where are the energy lines in your home?

- Do Electromagnetics affect your home and the people living in it?

- Learn about Crystals, Salt and other Natural items to help align or balance the energies in your home.

- Balance the ions

- And any other questions you may have.



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CENA: 145€


Energetsko čiščenje hiše traja 2-3 ure in je v angleškem jeziku,

lahko je sprotno prevajanje (cena 15€).




kim 36

Kimspirational ®

Psyhic and Born Medium

Angel Therapy Practitioner

Certificate Peruvian Shamanism

Certificate Sound Light Healing I & II

Spiritual Teacher


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